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Women-Owned Businesses Need Mentorship

Women-owned business mentorship

Why women-owned businesses need to seek mentorship

48% of women in business say a lack of a mentor holds them back in their business!

As women, we often try to do everything ourselves before seeking help. It's until we learn that the moment we ask for help we can accelerate our growth in business.

Lady ChangeMakers' personal experience with mentorship

I knew from the start of Lady ChangeMakers that it would eventually become the business women go to when they want to support women-owned businesses! At the start, it felt so far off in the distance and I knew if I continued to try to do it myself it would take years to get where I wanted to be. Bootstrapping my business and not having the funds to invest, I was constantly looking for trainings and strategies to grow me and my business faster. While it's always good to know how to do the thing the biggest lesson I learned at the beginning was that I couldn't do it alone. There were only so many free offerings I could find before I exhausted my resources.

I needed someone to guide me through business and help me grow faster. I needed someone to help identify my blind spots when I didn't even know I had one. I needed for someone to call me out on my deeply rooted stories so I could make real change. I needed all this without even knowing I needed it! It wasn't until I ran out of options and got tired of being in my own way that I decided to find a mentor and make an investment in myself and my business. When finding a mentor you want to find someone who has already been where you want to go. Whether that's finding funding and investments, or if you're looking to push yourself personally. Investing in a mentor was the best thing I could have done at the start of my business and it was so good I did it again and again!

Women In History Sybil Ludington

My first big Investment

My first big investment was with Powerhouse Women. I invested in their mastermind when I knew I could no longer drive my business by myself. Investing in this mastermind is where I finally felt like I was in the driver seat of my life and business. The Powerhouse Mastermind also led me to Tracy O'Malley who I could NOT be more grateful for. Tracy taught me about the Enneagram and for once I have really started to understand who I am as a person. I've been wanting to work with her for a while but had a fear of not being able to make the investment. Story of my personal life...I figured it out. I knew I had to work with Tracy and to really make the impact for women that I want I needed to get my personal life in order. My biggest investment was in Candy Valentino who helped me restructure my business and gave my all the tactical strategies I was craving to help build my business and set me up for success. All of these investments I've made in myself and my business have made such lasting impacts in my life. I am so excited for this year because now I'm putting everything I have learned into action. Now I'm proving to myself and my mentors that I can truly make this business a success! So don't be a part of this statistic. Seek out mentorship! Women-owned businesses need to seek out mentorship to visibility and growth. You can do so by starting off by finding free challenges and resources. Eventually, you are going to need to invest in yourself and your business to really grow. You can find Coaches, mentors and resources for your business on our marketplace!

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