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The Lady ChangeMakers Marketplace offers packages for every business’ budget. Businesses can select a package based on how much exposure you are looking for.

*note that our marketplace is currently only available to businesses in the United States. Businesses in other countries are welcome to join the directory instead!

Build Your Own Store


Great Value!

Lifetime Deal OR choose a subscription option of $10/mo*

Our Build Your Own Store option allows you to enter the marketplace for a one-time price.

This option includes:

  • Gain access to your Vendor Profile
  • Gain access to marketplace & exposure on platform
  • Ability to build your own storefront
  • **Add your own products and/or services to sell

Small Business Starter Package


DIY option

Lifetime Deal

This option allows you to have your storefront built out by skilled marketers and gain valuable SEO for a one-time price.

A complete shop buildout includes everything in the Build Your Own Option plus:

  • Vendor Profile Setup with SEO content in Vendor Biography
  • Full shop set up (up to 5 products/services)
  • SEO descriptions for each product/service
  • Streamline imagery
  • Setup Management/employees
  • Help with Directory listing if you do not already have one

Small Business Exposure Package


⭐Most Popular⭐

Lifetime Deal

This option allows you to gain visibility throughout the platform and gain valuable SEO for a one-time price.

A complete shop buildout includes everything from the Small Business Starter Package plus:

  • Website Exposure
  • Featured Hero Banner on Home Page for 3 months (1 offer)
  • Products/Services appear in Featured sections of Marketplace – rotates amongst other featured businesses for 3 months
  • Products/Services appear in promotional sections of marketplace – rotates with other featured businesses for 3 months

Business Builder Package


Concierge Service

Lifetime Deal

This option brings you the maximum amount of exposure for your business both on and off the platform.

This is our most hands-off option for YOU, save time by letting the experts take over.

This option includes everything from the Small Business Exposure Package PLUS:

  • Featured Hero Banner on Home Page for 6 months (up to 2 offers)
  • Instagram – Quarterly Posts + Story (1 year)
  • Facebook – Quarterly Posts + Story (1 year)
  • Pinterest – 10 pins
  • 1 Newsletter promotion
  • 1 Blog promotion
  • Our team is continually testing new platforms. Businesses selecting this package will gain additional exposure through other marketing and advertising opportunities such as: Paid Media, Podcasts, Video, TikTok, Holiday Guides, and more!

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*10/mo Subscription

Our Build Your Own Storefront option is available as a subscription. The lifetime value gives you access to your storefront for life. The subscription option will charge you $10/mo in perpetuity. You can cancel anytime and there are no refunds. Once you cancel your subscription your storefront will become inactive.

**Are there graphic requirements for storefronts?

Listing images must be hi-res, without a busy background and must represent your product/service. Images are inspected and you may be asked to reshoot your image if it does not meet quality standards of Lady ChangeMakers. We have a product photographer on hand that can shoot your product for you if needed at a special rate.

If you need assistance with your photography please reach out to hello@ladychangemakers.com

Why are there not subscriptions for the other packages?

Our other options provide you the best pricing for receiving SEO content. These options you receive services upfront for your storefront to be built. You pay once for life to have your storefront created for you along with valuable SEO content. Because of the extensive work done to make your storefront go live we cannot offer subscription services for these options.

Are there refunds?

There are no refunds due to services rendered ahead of storefronts being live. When selecting a package you are enlisting the services of the Lady ChangeMakers team to build your storefronts and provide valuable SEO content.

Do you offer split payments?

If you need a split payment please reach out to hello@ladychangemakers.com Split payments are not offered on the Build Your Own option.

My business is outside of the US, can I join?

Currently we are only accepting US-based businesses. Please head to our directory where womxn-owned businesses based anywhere can join. Click here

What businesses can join the marketplace?

You must be a womxn-owned business to join the marketplace. Our mission is to uplift voices of womxn to create equality.

If your business is reported and found to not be womxn-owned your storefront will be deactivated without notice and no refunds will be made.

How long does it take to complete a storefront?

For those selecting the Build Your Own store option, we provide Canva templates to create your graphics. It takes less than 5 minutes to get your storefront set up.

For businesses selecting the buildout options it takes about two weeks to get your storefront set up with custom graphics and SEO content.

I've selected the Business Builder Package, when can I use my promotions?

Once store is live on Lady ChangeMakers your representative will reach out for you to fill out a form for your promotions. 

Do I have to use the promotions quarterly?

It is up to you how and when you would like to use your promotions. You have one year from the date your storefront goes live to use up your yearly promotions.

You are allowed to use more than one of your social promotions within the same quarter.

I don't have a website can I still build a storefront?

This platform utilizes URLs from your platforms. Whether that is from a website, Canva, email sign-up links, or another marketplace. As long as there is an external URL you can build a storefront.

If this is not an option you can always join our directory for free.