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Speaking Pays: Signature Talk Training Program

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Fine-tune your public speaking skills by learning from a public speaking coach.

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If you are in the camp of “What’s a signature talk?” or “Oh, I don’t really need a signature talk.” or “A signature talk does not apply to my business.” Let me be the first to break the news: You are missing out!

A signature talk is the foundation of your marketing plan for your business. And having an amazing signature talk allows you to confidently say yes to any public speaking opportunity!

Through this public speaking program, you will learn from one of the top public speaking coaches on how to become an effective public speaker and how to put together an effective speech that will resonate with your audience.

  • Build lasting relationships by providing customers with value.
  • Prospect like a pro to set the right tone from your first interaction.
  • Learn to read buyer behavior and overcome the objections that kill most deals.
  • Stop wasting time by targeting the hottest leads and following up with the rest.

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