#1 problem with women-owned businesses face is

Helping women-owned businesses find the right exposure for their business

  • Bethany
    Thank you for creating an easy platform to find women businesses!
    Founder of Crackers and Soup
  • Jen Radostits
    Lady ChangeMakers is an incredible group of women supporting women! It is super easy to use and it also advances the algorithm of your personal brand on social media! I've found this to be a great value to my business and reach to other women!
    Jen Radostits
    Northwestern Mutual
  • Brittany L
    Just wanted to say thank you for creating Lady ChangeMakers. I've been spending some time on it each day to pick out Christmas gifts for my family. I love that I get to find meaningful gifts for everyone & the opportunity to support another woman 🧡
    Brittany L
  • Erica Grace
    Lady ChangeMakers has been a game-changer. I don't know how no one thought of this before. It is genius! And the community that she is building - there's nothing like it!
    Erica Grace
    Author of Great Like You!

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Lady ChangeMakers is an exclusive e-commerce platform that gives our customers increased exposure and sales that their business needs.


The #1 problem women-owned businesses face in 2021 is exposure for their businesses. Digital adoption has accelerated amongst consumers and business owners by over 5 years. Meaning it's more important than ever to be in more than one place to stand out online!

Lady ChangeMakers connects women-owned businesses to the customers who are searching to support them.

Unaffordable Advertising

The cost of advertising on social platforms like Facebook & Instagram has increased by over 60% in 2021!

Lady ChangeMakers makes it easy to connect to the right customer in 3 clicks or less.

Money in the hands of women

Women have 80% of the purchasing decision equating to over $20 Trillion in consumer spending and that's expected to increase over 40% in the next 5 years!

We're giving the power back to women in their purchasing decisions. Women are becoming more intentional where they're spending their money and they're looking to spend their dollars on women-owned businesses just like yours!

Here are the 6 ways Lady ChangeMakers Helps you gain exposure

Gain Exposure

Increase visibility through our SEO process

Connect to Ideal Customers

We help YOU connect to your ideal customer

Get ROI on your investment

Customers shopping

Lady ChangeMakers are intentionally coming to the platform to support women-owned

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Our process makes sure your business as well as your product and service will be found in multiple search engines resulting in increase traffic and more conversions translating into more sales for you!

User-friendly increases your sales

Lady ChangeMakers makes it fun and easy for customers to find YOU and make their first purchase in 3 clicks or less

We Make YOUR Advertising Dollars Work for YOU!

Advertising on social platforms has increased over 60% making customer acquisition costs more expensive than other platforms.

You'll gain quality traffic, increased exposure and decrease your marketing costs.

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