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Facts and Stats About Women Authors

Facts and Stats about women

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Are women authors being paid equally to their counterparts?

There is some good news and there is some bad news ladies.

The good news is that women are being more proportionately represented in larger publishing houses. This is great news as not too long ago it wouldn't be surprising to see only 20% of books authored by women.

The bad news is that the release of books authored by women can have a price tag of up to 45% less than of a book published by men.

Writing a book is not by any means easy so why are women being discounted for their efforts?

In the world of self-publishing always price yourself for what you are worth, never discount yourself ladies!

For more information on publishers that fairly publish works authored by women visit - a nonprofit focused on creating transparency for the literary arts in gender bias as well as amplifying voices of historically marginalized people.

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