what is lady changemakers?

Hello there! Thank you so much for landing on this website. You may be wondering to yourself, “What is a Lady ChangeMaker?” Well let me tell you!

Lady ChangeMakers are women who are out in the world making beautiful things, selling services that help make the world better, or women who are throwing one hell of an event to uplift other women – It is any woman out there who lifts up and supports other women, who celebrates all that it is to be female and who looks to their haters and says “Fuck off, I’m here for me and my tribe.”

If you have a business that’s woman-owned or woman-focused then make sure to click the button below to submit your business listing today!

About Me

A Little About Jessica Bargenquast

Oh sorry, let me introduce myself. My name is Jessica Bargenquast. I like to call myself a wannabe hipster because while I want to be that cool, I’m just not. I’m a little awksauce and can often be a little too sarcastic. I often don’t expand on my dry humor so you either get it or you don’t.

I love hanging out with my girls. Brunch is probably my top fave thing to do and I firmly believe it should be every day of the week! I’m a dog lover until the very end with two very spoiled rescue basset hound mixes. You can catch all my pups’ shenanigans @momobesniffin on the insta.

I absolutely love to travel and have too many places on my bucket list to possibly list but if it has a beach it’s likely on my list! When I’m not brunching and curating I spend most of my free time snuggling up on the couch with my beau and my two furbabies.

I’m a constant work-in-progress and I love learning and trying new endeavors. I’m excited (and nervous) to find out where launching this site takes me. I know that it will all end up exactly where it should be!

When searching for a purpose I knew I wanted to help women. I wasn’t exactly sure how I would do that but I wanted to be the person that helps them succeed in achieving their dreams. I know so many wonderful women that are beyond talented and it astounds me that they haven’t achieved monumental success yet. So how could I help?

Join me in creating awareness of local, women-owned businesses. Spread the word and love to help their businesses thrive. Women are better when we’re supporting each other. So hop on the lady train and let’s get this shit going! Who runs the world? Now that’s a dumb question. –> see dry humor <–


Why I started lcm

I created this movement to help make sure women are at the forefront. I’ve struggled to easily find things that were made for women, by women. And in this digital age it shouldn’t be so difficult to find ways to support other women’s businesses.

I have a lofty goal of creating a community, movement and curating products and services from women in one place so that anyone can easily choose to buy and support women-owned businesses and businesses that support women.

I am so excited that you have come here and I hope that you take this journey with us in lifting up all of our beautiful women out there.

If you have a great business story I would love to hear it, and maybe feature in our blog. Please send us your story by clicking the button below!