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10 Stats on Women-Owned Businesses

Facts and Stats about women

10 stats and facts about women-owned businesses & Women

It’s no secret that I love learning. So it shouldn’t be surprising to see me post about statistics and facts on women owned business, women equality and historical facts on women. Facts and history are so important. They show us a few things. 1. They show us how far we’ve come. 2. They show us how far weย stillย need to go. 3. We can see those that have come before us letting us know what we can achieve. 4. We can be inspired to make the change we wish to see in the world. May these facts inspire you to educate yourself & others as well as inspire action for change. Sources of each stat are in each of the image posts.

1. Women Have the Purchasing Power


Women Hold 80% of the Purchasing Power in the US! It is so important to note how much purchasing power women hold. When you realize who holds the purchasing power you can then think, who really holds the power. Women have so much power, and it’s time we recognize that power.

2. Women are more likely to Suffer Injuries in a Car Accident

Facts about women patriarchy

Women are 47% more likely to have severe injuries in a car accident. This is because safety features were designed for men. Not just that, but there are more women drivers and the majority of women make the car purchase decision for their household. One of the safest cars out there for women are Teslas.

3. Pink is for Boys and Blue is for Girls…

Up until the 1920s Boys and Girls both wore pink and blue. There were no gender colors. Men ALSO wore dresses and heels! It wasn’t until a manufacturer was looking to streamline production and made a decision. It could have easily gone either way… We could have ended up with the Blue Tax!

4. Women want to Support Women-Owned Businesses

This is one of my all-time favorite stats! I mean, it’s on the homepage of my website! 83% of women want to support women-owned businesses but 62% don’t know where to find them. This just shows the need for the Lady ChangeMakers Directory and the importance of having a place where we can easily find and support other women-owned businesses.

5. Women of Color Make up Half of Women-Owned Businesses

Support Black Owned Businesses

50% of Women-Owned businesses are made up of Women of Color. When you really dig into the research on this stat. One of the reasons that some women of color start their own business is due to mobility in the workplace. Often women of color are overlooked for promotions and raises.

6. Price Difference Between Authors

Women Authors Patriarchy

Books released by female authors can be priced up to 45% less than their male counterparts. Women are seeing more representation within big publishers but the pay disparity is still noticeable.

7. Pay Gap for Physicians

women physicians pay gap patriarchy

Did you know that female physicians are paid up to 26% less than their male counterparts? Not cool… While they’re being paid less there are also plenty of stats to show how female physicians tend to have better care for their patients. Patients tend to be more honest with female physicians. Female physicians also tend to be more empathetic to their patients needs. Oh, and they also spend more time with their patients… so they care!

8. Importance of a Mentor for Women-Owned Businesses

I have always talked about the importance of investing in yourself and your business. When I invest in things like coaches and masterminds, I’m really investing in a mentor. 48% of women site that a lack of a mentor holds them back from moving their business forward. Many cities actually have resources for small businesses to find mentorship (for free!).

9. The Gender Pay Gap is Worse when Broken Down by Race

Gender Wage Gap

Review the graph above. When it’s broken down the gender pay gap for women is worse when we break it down by race. There is even more disparity when you break down the races.

10. Women-Owned Businesses are Amazing

Celebrating women and women-owned businesses

In case you didn’t know you are a badass. You were meant to do exactly what you’re doing right now. You and your business deserve to be seen and heard. This directory is here to support you on your journey!