Welcome to the Vendor Hub!

Here is where we will help you locate and navigate templates and login to access your storefront.

Step 1: Vendor Info

Here is where you can access your vendor dashboard and watch tutorials on how to manage your storefront. Setting up your storefront is as easy as... 1, 2, 3

Step 2: Build out your Storefront

Upload Your Logo & Storefront Banner

Your logo and banner are the first things people will see when coming to your storefront. Do this first! If you need time to design your storefront banner, you can download our generic one. We do not recommend leaving your banner section blank.

Use this template for your logo - this is the image customers see on your profile and in vendor searches

Use this template for your storefront banner

Don't know what you want to design for your storefront banner yet? Choose from our generic options. You do not want to leave your storefront banner blank!

Now Add Your Products/Services!

Use our Canva template to design your listings. If you do not want to use Canva please note that the optimal size for listings photos are 1000x1000px. It is best to upload jpgs at 72dpi. On the Lady ChangeMakers' Homepage listing images will show up in circles - keep that in mind when designing your listing images.

Storefront Social Shares are great for when customers want to share your product they found on Lady ChangeMakers. If you do not want to use Canva the size is 1200px x 628px. Upload a jpg at 72dpi.

Use this template for your product/service listings on your storefront

Click here to access Canva Storefront Social Shares Template

Use this template for your social share images. These are used when customers share your storefront on social and are great for SEO

Step 3: Share Your Storefront!

Spread the love and support of our growing marketplace by sharing on your social media! Download the graphics here.

Click to download our Instagram Grid Graphic

Click to download our Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn Graphic

Add a Website Badge to your website!

Add our website badge to your website to show everyone that you are a verified vendor on Lady ChangeMakers. Link your badge right to your storefront!

Click to download our Website Badge to add to your website