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Speaking Pays: Magnetize Your Marketing Message


“So What Do You Do?” Does that question make you cringe? What about introducing yourself at a networking event? Do you deliver a smooth, inviting message that attracts potential clients to you? Or, do you hope you get through it unscathed?

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If you want to become a more effective public speaker book time with Theresa and spend 60 minutes creating a Marketing Message that Attracts the Right Client. We will make your message magnetic and help you become an Opportunity Magnet!

Become a Public Speaking Magnet

I would like to invite you to spend 60 minutes with me and we will create a public speaking message that works like a magnet for your ideal clients.  Once you have a magnetic message, you will project more confidence and authority when public speaking and networking.  And, you will be excited to say yes to any opportunity to talk about your business.


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