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Enneagram Kickstart Session


Get started with a comprehensive Enneagram Assessment and a 60-minute session to help you discover and have a new awareness of your type. You will receive meaningful direction to further discover your gifts in business and embrace life fully.

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The Enneagram Kickstart Session is a comprehensive assessment that will teach you about your specific Enneagram type. By working with Tracy, you will become ignited again, inspired, and ready to not only face but take every hit that life will give you. This awareness will help you learn about your unique gifts, transform your purpose into your profits and legacy, and ultimately thrive in business and in life.

As a business coach, speaker, and self-made millionaire, Tracy is determined to help you excel in your life – unapologetically and with grace. She helps female entrepreneurs navigate change, leverage opportunity, and ignite a passion that results in emotional, physical, and financial freedom. Are you ready to begin breaking through blocks and living your best life?

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