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If you are an established entrepreneur or leader, this 3-month program is for you! Get 1:1 coaching with Tracy to take action and grow your skillset while building a six-figure income. Through the use of the Enneagram, you will get to ignite your purpose and profits and build your legacy.

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Tracy only takes a handful of women at a time to guarantee you receive the best quality support and direction during your 1:1 Coaching.


Tracy’s Coaching Can Help You:

  • Uncover what’s blocking you from achieving success in your business, health, or relationships
  • Understand & heal the dysfunctional behaviors that do not serve you
  • Create new results for your life
  • Escape the busyness of work and life with choices that nurture your soul
  • Replace daily frustration, resentment, and bitterness with confidence and calm
  • Rewire your belief system
  • Change the things that are blocking you from your empire
  • Shine the love and light in your heart on yourself, your family, and the world


What to Expect:

  • 12-weeks of very intensive high-touch work so that you aren’t sabotaging or slipping into old patterns
  • Enneagram Assessment & Review
  • Bi-weekly 60-minute Zoom sessions
  • Daily access to her via the Marco Polo app
  • A workbook with focused goals and written soul work
  • All sessions are recorded and available for lifetime access

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