The Podcast Pitching Bundle: How to Pitch to Podcasts & Win the Conscious Conversation
The Lowdown

Are you ready to be recognized as a sought-after voice as the ideal podcast guest? Then this bundle is for you!

Podcasts are a trending medium for following along with innovative conversations, the latest experiences of your favorite hosts, discovering new trends around your go-to topics, and connecting with new like-minded people. In this bundle, I will be sharing how to master the art of pitching podcasts from the PR perspective to win the conscious conversation.

This isn’t any ordinary e-book where you learn how to craft JUST the pitch.

This comprehensive guide includes the full journey of pitching podcasts to win the interview. This bundle is the catalyst for connecting conscious voices through podcasts, curated through the belief that every person has a story to share to bridge connections for community relations with the right audiences. This bundle is for you if you believe to be a thought leader who has a vision for success, knows what you want to be known for, are looking for the opportunities that elevate that vision, and are ready to do the work to make it happen.

What’s included…

  • How to Pitch to Podcasts & Win the Conscious Conversation: E-Book
  • Setting Your Podcast Pitching Goals: A Training Sheet
  • Podcast Media List + Outreach Schedule Spreadsheet & How-To
  • Secured Podcast Interview Tracking Spreadsheet
  • 15 Additional Templates & Training Pages

This bundle is for you if...

  • You are a thought leader, author, entrepreneur, creative, or a radiant human being with a purpose and message that wants to get more visibility through podcasts
  • You are READY to elevate the relationships you build online, especially through pitching podcasts as a guest speaker
  • You want to learn the inside scoop on the best podcast pitching secrets from the PR/publicist perspective
  • You are looking for tips & tricks to curate a media-worthy pitch
  • You want guidance, tools & resources for how to best organize your efforts pre-pitching, as well as how to best leverage your podcast conversation for more interview opportunities
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  • The Podcast Pitching Bundle: How to Pitch to Podcasts & Win the Conscious Conversation

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