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The Lowdown

My Mission:

During my 30 year career in education, and serving thousands of families across 3 Arizona school districts, I’ve seen how family dynamics have shifted and the benefit of personal mindset development at a young age.

While in the classroom I created programs to teach children how to maintain their love of learning, keep their motivation high, and how personal growth is only possible through accepting the courage to embrace new ideas, overcoming setbacks and acknowledgement of mistakes as opportunities.

Educators are typically in a child’s life for approximately 9 months. My mission is to support parents to become the consistent mindset coach in their child’s life by developing language frames, reflection tools and emotional connection.

I understand parents want their children to be able to navigate life choices as confident, independent thinkers. I founded Right Now is Your Tomorrow, to empower parents to help their children develop fully and confidently to pursue their unique passions from a place of prevention and love.

My Why

Last year was a year of transition for us all. My last 9 weeks as a public school teacher was in a new virtual setting. I was astounded by the lack of creativity, drive, and emotional connection, the students, who I had taught for 7 months prior, were now demonstrating inside their virtual classroom. 

This experience reinforced to me the importance of consistent awareness of social emotional intelligence and growth mindset strategies. Through mindset development courses, 1 on 1 family coaching and speaking events, I empower children to achieve their greatest potential by mentoring parents. Right Now is Your Tomorrow encourages children to discover and pursue their unique passions through authenticity and parental connection.

How can you support me and my business?
Looking for business owners who would like to support their employees who are balancing parenting and career. This could like look, group check ins, Lunch & Learns, or discounted referrals.
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