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Studio bb designs Jewelry and Accessories
An interview with Jade McClendon from Studio BB Designs located in Scottsdale, AZ and Calgary, Canada.

Studio BB Designs - Handmade one-of-a-kind, wearable art jewelry

Studio BB Designs founders Jade McClendon and Angie Polonich

What drew Lady ChangeMakers to Studio BB Designs was their passion and process for how they make their jewelry. At their Scottdale, AZ location customers can stop by the studio to see the glass beads being made! This mom and daughter power duo has a strong passion for making beautiful, wearable art. We cannot wait for you to read our interview with Jade from Studio BB Designs.

How did you come up with the name Studio BB Designs?

The original name of our business is Bitchin Beads, which is exactly what we do. Melt sticks of glass into AMAZING glass beads that are then turned into wearable art jewelry. We have evolved over 20 years to Studio BB designs, full disclosure, Facebook felt Bitchin was vulgar and threatened to shut our page down UGH... so we made a little shift.... as women DO!!!

Who does your business serve & what problem do you solve?

We create pieces of jewelry for all ages and occasions. Over 20 years we are proud to call our customers our friends and are often inspired by all of the incredible women in our community.

What makes your business unique?

ALL THE THINGS! We are a mother / daughter team and we are beyond lucky to work together. As well as, every single piece of glass is hand melted on a torch fueled by propane and oxygen. We use semi precious stones and Swarovski crystals to accompany our designs, but each of the glass beads are handmade by us... HOW COOL IS THAT!?

Studio BB Designs beaded turquoise bracelets and jewelry

What is your favorite part of working in your business?

I feel so lucky every day to not only create what I love, in a beautiful home studio artistic space. But to be able to do it all while simultaneously being a mom and supporting our kids fulfill their dreams and passions is seriously the BEST THING EVER!

What products/services do you offer?

We have pieces in all price ranges for all ages. Our signature heart pendants start at $30, as well as gemstone bracelets, earrings, rings and so much more. We can hook you up with lifetime jewelry that makes your soul sing.

Studio BB Designs Love Heart Necklace

How is your business making a positive change?

Whether your helping your customers make a change in their life, beautifying and creating confidence, creating matter how big or small you are making an impact with your business and we want to highlight it!

At StudioBBdesigns we are passionate about making a difference. A couple times a year we create a passion project bracelet to honor, raise awareness and funds for a non profit or family in need. This is, and continues to be one of the most fulfilling parts of being able to create, but also connect.

How can women best support you and your business?

We have always asked for an emotional connection to our art when purchasing. However, there are so many ways to support any female entrepreneurs without spending a dime. Just simple things like following along on social media and being on the journey is such a huge step in the process.

Who or what business would be an ideal collaboration for you and why?

We are happy to collaborate with any business or non profit that is passionate about their community, and do what they love each and every day.

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