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Women In History Sybil Ludington

Women in History Sybil Ludington

Meet Sybil Ludington a legendary Lady ChangeMaker

The Real Paul Revere

Woman in History - Sybil Ludington - The Real Paul Revere

Introducing Sybil Ludington. Have you heard of her?

Most haven't, but I'm sure you've heard of Paul Revere right?

Well, Sybil was the real hero in this story who never got the credit she deserved. Sybil was a daughter of a Colonel. When a rider came to the Colonel's home to warn them that the British were coming he discovered all of the Colonel's men were on leave and the rider was too exhausted to continue on to warn others.

Sybil rose to the occasion, as most badass women do, and rode through the night to warn others and gather the majority of the regiment by dawn.

She rode twice as far as Revered did and President George Washington came to her house to personally thank her.

Just another woman we owe so much to, yet little know of her.

Women In History Sybil Ludington

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