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Women In History Maud Wagner

Meet Maud Wagner a legendary Lady ChangeMaker

She's one cool cat!

Woman in History - Maud Wagner, first known female tattoo artist

Meet this cool cat. Maud Wagner is the first known female tattoo artist.

She started in the circus as an aerialist & contortionist until she met her husband Gus Wagner who was a tattoo artist. When she met Gus she offered him a romantic date in exchange for a tattoo lesson!

The two soon married and she became his apprentice. The duo practiced traditional hand-poked tattoos.

They traveled across the US with their artistry bringing the art of tattoo inland which at this time was just known in coastal cities.

Their daughter, Lotteva, started tattooing at the age of 9!

I think this family goes down as the coolest family in history!

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