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Candy Valentino has a proven system for building wealth. Based on research, data and the experience of her own life – Valentino shows you how the “think to get rich’ philosophy will only get you so far, you have to do to become wealthy.

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Whether you have thousands in debt, want to start a business, are looking to begin investing, or you have already started but are looking to be financially free – Wealth Habits will show you how to learn, earn, save and invest your way to wealth. These habits will put you in control of your finances, and your future, with six ordinary things that anyone can start today.

Wealth Habits reveals the Six Ordinary Steps Anyone Can Take to Create Extraordinary Financial Freedom.
This is your personal, no BS playbook to financial success.
It does more than just teach you what to do to create financial freedom, it teaches you how.
Learn where to invest and how you can start right now.
Get the tools to recession proof your life, business and finances.
It’s time to drop the fluffy mantras, and learn the real-world way to earn more, save more and invest more…today.

Wealth inequality at its core isn’t a lack of resources, it’s lack of financial literacy. This is not some flashy, fluffy book. It’s a gritty real-world book filled with long-term investing strategies, recession proof businesses, ways to keep money out of the IRS’ hands, what to teach your children about money, how to establish financial protection and security, and the secrets to keep more of the money that you make (so you can invest more). Wealth Habits will teach you how these ordinary things will create, grow, and retain the wealth you desire, and deserve. Look, if I did it, you can too. Now let me show you how…

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