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Interview with Mallory Fox FROM Foxy FIT

Dr. Mallory Fox is the founder of Foxy Fit

Discover the power of movement with Dr. Mallory Fox

Dr. Mallory Fox is the founder of Foxy Fit

Dr. Mallory is one of the biggest women supporters I know! We were connected through the same Powerhouse Women Community and both discovered that we were Enneagram 5s! If you don’t know the Enneagram it has been life changing for myself and I was also feeling very alone not knowing anyone else that thought like me.

Along comes Mallory who reaches out as a fellow 5 and we connected immediately! I had seen Mallory speak at the Powerhouse Women event in 2019 and her entire story is SO inspiring. I am so proud and amazed of everything she has accomplished and I cannot wait to share more about her with you.

In one sentence describe your business

Mindful Movement and Mindset Coaching.

How does your business make an impact?

Foxy FIT exists to help people move better, so they can feel better and ultimately live better. Through online and in person offerings, we provide personalized exercise programs and health/wellness education.

What is the mission of your business?

The mission of Foxy FIT is to make health and wellness tools accessible to EVERYONE because we believe everyone deserves to live a life feeling good in their own body.

What is your big dream for your business?

My big dream for Foxy FIT is to be able to initiate a global wellbeing shift where we use movement to reduce stress, improve quality of life, and most importantly embrace the skin that we are in.

What has been your favorite part about working in your business?

My favorite part about my business is meeting people and hearing their stories. Every body has its own story, and humans are so incredibly resilient. This is what keeps me going every day!

What are 3 words that describe who you are?

Thoughtful – Intuitive – Intelligent.

What is your superpower?

I am told that I help people calm down! I have an ability to hold a calm space for people to work through whatever they are going through — and to reflect their strength and resilience back to them.

What makes you a Lady ChangeMaker?

I see the best in other women and invest in them accordingly!

How did you come up with your business idea?

I grew up as a competitive swimmer and put myself through grad school as a personal trainer. Movement has been a way of life my entire life, and I fell in love with helping other people move better too!

What has been the biggest failing lesson in your business?

After having a traumatic brain injury and losing my vision in 2018, I completely failed in business. I had to take months off and when I returned to work, had lost countless clients. I had to dramatically reinvent my business because I was physically unable of working the way I had before. But through this painful process I learned how to ask for help (and accept it!), hire other women to work in their zones of genius, and free myself up for new endeavors.

When did you know you your business was bigger than you?

I knew my business was bigger than me when I was able to stay in business for myself throughout the last two and a half years of uncertainty. It would have been easy (and it was very tempting!) to close down and work for someone else. But the people in my community inspired me to reimagine and keep going.

How can women best support you and your business?

I love feedback! As an entrepreneur feedback is gold. Connection is also my love language. Please follow me on social and interact with me!

Where do you see your business in 5 years?

In five years, I see my business as an internationally-recognized brand that stands for women loving themselves AS THEY ARE. I see a community of like-minded women who practice radical self love, unapologetic self care, and authentic connection.

My big dream for Foxy FIT is to be able to initiate a global wellbeing shift where we use movement to reduce stress, improve quality of life, and most importantly embrace the skin that we are in.

You can learn more about Mallory and everything she is up to through her listing below. Make sure to join her new Mindful Minutes where she texts out daily inspirations, exercises and tips to reduce your stress. Sign up for FREE Text MINDFUL to 480-531-9810.