Crackers In Soup
Woman Owned
Minority Owned Business:
The Basics:

I own a podcasting management business! I work with women who want to use podcasting as a way to get their primary business seen and heard. Together, we go over marketing strategies, create season plans and dive into what you want your audience to know….and we laugh. ALOT!

How can you support me and my business?:
I am a creator of time and connection. Reach out to me when you are ready to take your business to the next level with podcasting!
How To Podcast Corp.
Address: 910 W Van Buren St
Chicago 60607
Woman Owned
The Basics:

How to Podcast is a comprehensive service guiding underrepresented voices through the process of launching and maintaining a podcast or audio project.

How can you support me and my business?:
Refer any women looking to start their own podcast
Open to Collaborations: