Ashley Jo George
Address: 29455 N. Cave Creek Road #118-444
Cave Creek 85331
Woman Owned
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The Basics:

I create euphorically glamorous, traditionally crafted gold gilded glass original art pieces. I believe art has the power to lift spirits and bring joy through beauty. My art uses the noblest metal to bring glamour and edge to my clients’ everyday life. I’m on a mission to bring back this exquisite trade that has been lost in time. We live in a world that is mass-produced with cheap materials, this art brings back originality, craftsmanship, and quality people can be proud to have in their homes.

How can you support me and my business?:
Hi everyone! I am looking to connect with interior designers and real estate developers who are looking for luxury art pieces for their customer base. I’m also looking for support on social media! A quick comment on my posts would help out tremendously! Thank you!