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Are you a womxn-founder passionate about encouraging and mentoring young womxn with entrepreneurial/business aspirations? Do you want to grow and take your business to the next level?

To The Moon is a pro-bono consulting group that connects young womxn in high school to college student mentors to work in teams on business development projects for womxn-owned businesses. To The Moon gives you the opportunity to be a part of a community of diverse, hardworking womxn-founders working with and mentoring young womxn in high school and college to create sustainable solutions and strategies to support your business development goals!

When you submit a project to To The Moon, your business will get to work with a team of experienced, diverse, and talented young womxn who will bring fresh perspectives, passion, and dedication to tackle projects relating to growth strategy, marketing, data analysis, operations and so much more! You'll have the chance to inspire, mentor, and support the next generation of womxn-founders, leaders, and trailblazers!  You will also get to connect with fellow womxn-founders to network, participate in workshops and conversations with industry leaders, share resources and advice, and support each others growth!

How can you support me and my business?
Fill out our interest form today by clicking our link to be added to our mailing list, and be the first to know when our official project submission form comes out early next year! Filling out an interest form also adds you to our upcoming newsletter, where you’ll have access to a number of funding opportunities and other resources to help grow your business! Click the link to fill out an interest form today!
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