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The Abundance Game (TAG)

TAG teaches you how to see your value and get Abundance in the areas that matter most to you (Health, Relationship, Money)

TAG provides you with a community where you can network among like-minded and hearted women and offers you opportunities for live coaching and networking events where you can celebrate your successes in ways that grow your network, influence, impact, and income!

So whether you need to:

  • improve your energy and health or
  • bring peace and influence into your relationships, or
  • raise your impact and income

TAG will give you the blueprint to see your value, expand your Abundance, and demystify the Secret Law of Attraction to get the results you want.

What you can expect: THE 5 Steps of TAG each come with a worksheet and Abundance coaching.

Step 1: The Purge Questions: Get vulnerable with yourself: Identify the things which have been bothering you.  Diffusing your attention and weakening your power to create Abundance in your health, relationships, and financial prosperity.

Step 2: Forgive & Forget Exercise: Get clear on your value:  Get to see how the talents, skills, and knowledge that brings you the most joy can also be your biggest and brightest value to others.

Step 3: Infinite Sheet: Learn how to remove the trash which is burying your treasure: Get the formula for removing obstacles that are blocking the view between where you stand and what you really want making the journey more exciting and fun and fueling you to play for progress along the way.

Step 4: The Game Formula: Learn how to gamify your goal and get consistent progress forward:

Step 5: Celebration Outlines: Learn how to build a soft, strong, and supportive community: Learn how to share your journey, struggles and successes with others in a way that touches, moves, and inspires others to rise and/or join you.

About Coach Sarah Kay

Human behavior and motivation is the keystone of the workplace that is why improving group dynamics and workplace culture increases your most valuable resources...your people. Resulting in lower costs associated with doing business and higher performance and profits!

I specialized in coaching and consulting with decision-makers on critical strategy, culture building, and training development plans that align with the companies vision, mission, and values. By meeting with you and your team, formal recorded assessments, and inclusive initiative designing, planning, execution, and iteration. Together we achieve transformations in leadership effectiveness, causing increased speed of business, higher engagement at every level, increased problem solving, creativity, productivity, and lower turn over, sick days, and accidents. Leading to increased growth and profits.


Cindy Jarvis Testimonial of Coach Sarah Kay
E. Valley Coordinator, Golden State Development Coalition, Inc (AZ)

Before Sarah Kay’s leadership coaching, I worked in an organization that had been struggling with major issues involving key personnel and our clientele. Even after the organization hired a consultant, we struggled to create an effective team environment. Working with Sarah Kay gave me the skills and training I needed to design a new management position to support our personnel. I was promptly promoted to this new role and she continued to support me to bring forth in me the confidence and humanness that was needed to work that newly elevated managerial role. We were able to improve structures and procedures to support our staff and better help our clientele. Now I have a clear understanding of how to effectively relate to others and work with a variety of personalities. My organization has gone through tremendous growth and continues to stride towards working as a team for our clientele.

  • One Year Term
  • First Session in 2011
  • Acquainted via Leadership Training
How can you support me and my business?
Refer me women who are change makers in their homes, work, communities. I want to help women who are making a difference in the world to make a bigger impact.
  • The Abundance Games
  • The Abundance Games
  • The Abundance Games
  • The Abundance Games

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