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This company was founded by a woman who believes all of life's journey deserves, days full of excitement, energy and of course nights with good sleep. 

Meet the Original sleeper!

I am Satie Shottha. I founded HipPillowPlus Sleep System in 2022. I had mastered the art of side sleeping but somehow a supportive pillow didn’t make the list. So, I invented  the only Sleep System that cradles the body while you dream all night long and wake up refreshed, energized to take on the world one more day. 

I made a promise to myself and my customers when I started HipPillowPlus Sleep System. It turned out, there were five promises: a natural, multifunctional, compact, adjustable and sustainable Sleep System. We are changing the world one pillow at a time by using natural and biodegradable latex pillow cores and bamboo covers that come from mother earth and go back into the mother earth. One bonus promise was that you and your families didn't inhale chemicals while sleeping on a man made foam pillows. 

At HipPillowPlus Sleep System, we are a collection of partnerships, programs, and initiatives to deliver on our mission to change lives through power of conjunction. 

At the heart of every Sleep System we design, every decision we make and every resource we administer, we also deeply believe that with a night support system we can achieve anything. At HPP we are dedicated to be the flag-bearers for all, men and women, and to empower, support and inspire each with to live a life filled with purpose. 

HPP Sleep System isn’t just a pillow that can change your life by providing great sleep, but also make you feel great knowing that you are changing lives and the world. 

you can check us out at Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/hippillowplus/

Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/hipPillowPlus

website - https://www.hippillowplus.com/

How can you support me and my business?
By networking, learning, sharing, providing feedback, resources and more.
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Yes, by sharing with community at large.
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