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Founded in 2001 by Erin Weed in honor of her friend and sorority sister, Shannon McNamara, Girls Fight Back’s mission is to provide practical and empowering options for women and girls to learn violence prevention, awareness, boundary setting and physical self-defense techniques in a fun, supportive, judgement free and upbeat environment. Their mission expanded in 2015 with the addition of several gender inclusive programs designed to make preventing violence and fighting back an approachable topic for everyone. GFB has reached over 1 million people worldwide with their traveling speaking team at colleges, high schools, corporations, the military and private groups. Their live, high energy, interactive seminars are designed to help women live a safer life and be their own best protector.  Girls Fight Back has several programs available through CEO Nicole Snell, and all programs are customizable and available as both onsite or online events and can be booked worldwide.

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