Girl Squad
The Lowdown

I am a ground breaking creator & photographer who takes women from feeling invisible to becoming experts in their businesses. I have worked with women all over the US who are crushing it in the field of solopreneurship and on their way to building empires.

I have photographed over 500 women, my team is in high demand for the most popular events in Los Angeles, and we have made over 6 figures doing it!

Right now over 3,000 business owners follow me to learn how to build fresh visual content. Stop hiding behind the excuse of "I am not ready," and find inspiration in my All-In, Swift Action approach to business.

I crave the hustle & will risk everything to do it. I am not afraid to be better than the day before.

You won’t find this down home Texas girl wasting my time, searching endlessly for shortcuts to my entrepreneurial success, and you certainly won’t find me shying away from a challenge.

I am on the rise to be THE women's media company that revolutionized how women enter the business arena & stayed on TOP of their GAME doing it.

Dreaming even bigger than ever,

Monica Linda

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