Alive To Thrive- Life Coaching & Womens Retreats
New Braunfels
The Lowdown

Alive To Thrive is here to bring women together to create connection, community and transformations.

What if..

  • You were confident in your body and you weren't so hard on yourself?
  • You didn't use food for comfort to numb your feelings & you weren't controlled by food anymore?
  • You had clear clarity of your obstacles & had the tools to overcome them?
  • You were able to take care of everyone else in your life better while taking care of yourself?
  • You were happier with yourself and your relationships improved.
  • Each day when you looked in the mirror you didn't look at everything that needed to be "fixed" but you were in awe with what is?
  • The scale didn't measure your worth
  • You could enjoy the sweetness of life without guilt or shame?
  • You spent way more time focusing on connecting with yourself, community and your loved ones and way less time isolating your self from true connection?
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  • Alive To Thrive- Life Coaching & Womens Retreats
  • Alive To Thrive- Life Coaching & Womens Retreats

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