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The Design Database is an online membership-based platform designed as a global community to support Creatives (graphic designers, fashion designers, illustrators, web designers, photographers, writers, etc.) by connecting them with other Creatives, as well as with clients and companies looking to hire. We are designed NOT to be a recruiting agency or typical freelance platform, but as a support system for Creatives. Our mission is to give Creatives a place to connect and grow within their fields and be successful in the very competitive creative industry.

What makes The Design Database truly different from other freelance platforms is the engaging and supportive community for all. We are not only a community of Creatives, we are also a community of companies who all share the same mission to support Creatives. We’ve partnered up with truly amazing people and will continue to grow our connections.

We want artists to connect with other Creatives in the community to make new friends, collaborate, gain mentorship, form partnerships, strengthen your portfolios, and grow in your career. Most Creatives turn to online forums or even go back to school to find this type of connection and guidance. We’re bringing it all here for you!

New freelancers who are just starting out can connect with more experienced Creatives for portfolio reviews and advice on how to price your work properly or which pieces are their strongest to showcase. On the other side, more experienced Creatives who have been in the industry for quite some time may require assistance from the younger Creatives in learning new software or other digital skills. These connections are very valuable and allow for Creatives to become more successful.

SPECIAL BONUS: We DO NOT take commission from our Creatives, so all of the pay earned from that hard work is 100% yours to keep!

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