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Your Guided Health Journey is 100% virtual, using the power of Functional Medicine Labs that get mailed to your home and appointments done on Zoom to support you no matter where you are located in discovering the root cause of your health issue and guiding you to optimal health!

Melissa Deally is the owner of Your Guided Health Journey and an Integrative Health Practitioner & Registered Health Coach. She is dedicated to helping her clients get to the root cause of their health issue and truly heal. Melissa works with the entire English speaking world and uses a 2 prong approach:

1) Discover your toxic load and lower it

2) Discover your body’s deficiencies and support them with natural supplements and herbs so the body can come back into balance, at which point it will heal itself. This is done through the use of Functional Medicine lab tests, mailed to your home!

Melissa offers a very high level of support, to ensure her clients’ success, as we navigate the path of bringing the body back into balance, while creating new lifestyle habits to ensure lasting results.

Melissa  is the winner of the 2021 Quality Care Award by Businesses From The Heart, and has been featured in Pursuit 365, and Fresh Magazine, featuring 365 Canadian Women who lead by example in the every-day pursuit of success, happiness, and achievement. Melissa is also the host of the “Don’t Wait For Your Wake Up Call!” podcast, an podcast offering practical education around health, which ranked in the top 5% of Global podcasts by Listen Notes in the first 3 months of launching.

When not serving her clients, Melissa can be found on her paddle board, or backcountry hiking & camping with her daughter(s), downhill or cross country skiing, planning her next trip, or working on her passion project, Girls Matter, helping keep girls in school in Uganda, breaking the poverty cycle, one girl, one family, one village at a time.

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