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Our Mission: Our Raising kids is a tough job and we want to do whatever we can to support parents on this journey. We accomplish that goal by creating entertaining products for kids with parents in mind. That means open-ended, easy to clean, easy to store, used alone or together, multi-functional and more. Someone needs to have your back on this marathon of parenthood and that's us!

Barumba Play™ was founded on a desire for toys to do more. During the Covid-19 pandemic, our founder Sara Feldstein was trying to use toys (in addition to screens of course!) to entertain her kids while she worked as a tax accountant. She became bothered when the toys did not keep her kids engaged for very long and she felt that toys could be better and do more. She began to imagine toys that were open-ended so that each play time was a new experience. And toys that considered the parents in the design by being easy to clean and store. When Sara had to leave her career to deal with burnout from trying to work from home while watching her young children, this idea for modular imaginative toys became an opportunity to start again with a new focus on parental mental health and self care.

Barumba Play™ has ambitious goals to re-invent the playroom and not only entertain kids, but to be a part of creating the nostalgic memories of childhood today.

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