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The problem today is that too many people rely on their physicians to prescribe medication to treat the problem, not even realizing that you are only treating the symptom. Fun fact: Your physician on average only had one semester of pharmaceutical training, that’s about 1000 hours.

Did you know that 4.5 billion prescription medications were filled in the U.S. in 2020? This is an insane number, wouldn’t you agree?

Are your medications causing you to take more?  Medications can cause side effects and often the physician will prescribe another medication to treat the side effect of the first medication, wouldn’t you like to take less medications?  Do you want to continue to cover up side effects with other medications?  There is a better way. Are you ready to make changes in your life?  Ready to optimize your medications, supplements, and your health (life)?

Some of my clients call me the “Root Cause Dr.” because I spend my time creating personalized therapeutic plans for my clients to determine the root cause so they can free themselves of most of their medications and welcome in “lifestyle medicine”, consisting of a combination of Eastern, supplements, nutrition, and movement.

Drugs are killing us! So, say no to drugs for your future self today by scheduling a free 20 minute Ask Dr. Melissa session with me at

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