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Optimizing Health for Ambitious, High-Performing Women

I help high-performing women unlock their full potential using personalized wellness strategies including biohacking nutrition, functional medicine, mental health, and more.

My background as a functional medicine practitioner and clinical nutritionist allows me to provide a unique approach to your health and wellness by looking at the physical, biochemical, and mental aspects of our health and well-being.

If you're a high-performer and a high-achiever know that your health needs are not the same as everyone else's. As a high-performer, you have a unique set of stressors that impacts your health and performance. Many of you are the leader of your company while also the leader of your households and trying to enjoy the free time you work so hard for. For female leaders and ambitious women nothing is more frustrating than feeling exhausted and burnt out after the work week! And that's where I come in!

I want to help high-performing women and female leaders streamline their career success by supporting their bodies and brains! By using personalized wellness strategies and biohacking, rather than getting caught up in the latest self-care trend on TikTok. High-performing women can learn it's easier than they think it is to feel more than just "okay" - to really thrive, perform, and excel!

Ambitious, high-performing women won't find success with cookie-cutter approaches. You're not like everyone else, so why would a general approach to your health work for you? You require a level of fine-tuning and biohacking that most people will wouldn't understand because you simply want more for yourself in life. My job is to help you find YOUR unique blueprint for success, based on your body and your goals!

I work with high-performing women virtually all over the world. I offer both group mini-mastermind programs and 1:1 options to meet your needs. I also offer coordination of care between your doctors, coaches, etc. so that you don't have to waste time repeating yourself, and so everyone on your team can provide you the support you need.

Programs for Ambitious, High-Performing Women

1:1 Strategic Health Consulting for the High Performing Woman

Upend Stress, Unlock Energy, Unleash your Potential

  • 1:1 attention, personalized for you and your unique goals
  • Unlimited access + support from Dr. Laura and her team
  • Strategic, comprehensive laboratory work to assess internal health, nutrient status, and how your metabolism is wired
  • Coordination with meal prep service/personal chef, personal training services, and any other resource you need for a balanced approach to wellness
  • Special VIP access + pricing on wellness retreats

Power45 - 45 Days to Wellness for Women Leaders and High-Performing Women

Join a group of other high-achieving women for a 45-day wellness challenge.

In six weeks, transform your mindset and metabolism, in a supportive community setting.

About Dr. Laura

Dr. Laura is a functional medicine-trained health strategist for female entrepreneurs, career women, women leaders of large organizations, and highly motivated, powerful women with ambition.

Laura obtained her undergraduate background in health and nutrition from Cornell University and continued on to graduate programs in clinical nutrition and chiropractic. She then trained with the Institute for Functional Medicine and completed her functional medicine certification. She is currently completing an additional fellowship in Functional Medicine with the Academy for Anti-Aging Medicine.


"So..guess who basically no longer has insomnia?! And..my cycles are regular for the first time in years. You did that. I just wanted to say the HUGEST, BIGGEST, THANK YOU!" - A.H.

"I was so lucky to start working with Dr. Laura during my pregnancy and after my third baby. She was able to guide me through my post-partum anxieties, stresses, and lack of sleep, and to help me stay off of antidepressants. In addition to keeping my mind healthy..she then helped me lose the baby weight and fit back into my clothes from pre-baby days! I feel so lucky to have had her guidance and support" -R.S.

"While I appreciate everything I've learned and continue to learn from Dr. Laura, what really matters to me is that she truly invests her time and energy educating her clients and helping us move towards the best version of ourselves. Dr. Laura has reminded me that food is medicine, strong is definitely sexy, and that I am ENOUGH!" - J.S.

"I am delighted to recommend Dr. Laura! The first time we met, I was in pain and terrified that I was not going to be able to find relief. Her calm and welcoming demeanor put me at easy, and we started a journey together to improve my health. Dr. Laura is one of the smartest, most insightful medical professionals I've ever met. She was able to make connections in areas of my health that others didn't, and recommendations that helped begin the process of uncovering the root causes of my digestive issues" - K.F.

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  • Dr. Laura DeCesaris
  • Dr. Laura DeCesaris
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  • Dr. Laura DeCesaris

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