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Carah Elizabeth - Spiritual & Embodiment Coach

What is a Spiritual & Embodiment Coach?

When trauma is not addressed it stores itself within the body. As a Spiritual & Embodiment Coach, I help women feel and heal from their past traumas so they can confidently connect to their bodies and embrace abundance. Working with a Spiritual & Embodiment Coach you can gain insight to your personal trauma that you are experiencing within your body. You will gain an understanding of body-based approaches to healing. I will also give you the tools to heal your trauma through your body.

I know this personal process will change your experience forever.

How does Spiritual & Embodiment Coach work?

Through somatic practices. Somatic practice is the connection between mind and body so that you can start to identify what your body is trying to tell you. Through Spiritual & Embodiment Coaching you'll learn somatic practices that you can use every day to keep a strong mind-body connection.

Do you, or have you had continuous feelings of:

  • Being lost?
  • Anxious?
  • Uncertain?
  • Overwhelmed with emotion?
  • Struggling to feel motivated?
  • Think your body is betraying you?

These are all signs of trauma stored within your body. Your body is not betraying you but it is trying to tell you something. Working with a Spiritual & Embodiment Coach you will be able to identify these feelings and how you can heal.

Why do we need a Spiritual & Embodiment Coach?

First, there is a huge disconnect between women and their bodies. This disconnect often happens after an experienced trauma. The trauma is felt internally, the woman needs a spiritual relationship with her body to heal from the trauma. This is why Spiritual & Embodiment Coaches work with injured/disconnected women.  When women learn somatic healing they learn how to be with their bodies rather than against them.

As women, we are connected emotionally to our bodies. Women who experienced trauma in their life often feel that their bodies had let them down. When the pain is felt, emotions and movements come out as revenge, anger, exhaustion, and hurt. The body held onto the hurting feeling and survived. When the wounds are healed women can move. In order to feel the power and process of healing the warriors need spiritual and embodiment coaches who empathize with pain. They also help create a place of positivity where movement can occur.

Services I Provide as a Spiritual & Embodiment Coach

Spiritual & Embodiment Guidance 1:1

Initial 3-month programs to connect you to your body, mind & soul


  • Trauma healing
  • Mind(re) set
  • Healing your relationship with your body

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Reiki Energy Healing

In-person & Virtual available.

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Meditation programs

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Group Coaching Programs

Vibrational healing to support emotional healing & business expansion.

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Business Mentoring

Psychotherapists - build your 6-figure private practice. Shift from community mental health to private practice with ease.

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About Carah Elizabeth - Spiritual & Embodiment Coach

Carah Elizabeth is a Spiritual & Embodiment Coach. She incorporates her years as a psychotherapist with holistic approaches such as Somatic Movement, Yoga, breathwork, and Reiki energy healing to help women find healing for their body, mind, and soul. With 15 years experience, Carah has helped thousands of women reconnect to the wisdom of their bodies; finding freedom from the prison of body hatred, limiting beliefs, and past traumatic experiences so they can live a life fully connected and confident.

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