Women’s Entrepreneurship Day
The Lowdown

About the Event

The event to celebrate, support and empower women in business!

This is unlike any other women’s leadership conference.

Because it’s more than a conference.

It’s a world-changing movement.

More than 145 countries around the world acknowledge and celebrate Women’s Entrepreneurship Day annually on November 19, making it the world’s largest grassroots movement dedicated to empowering women worldwide.

We’re igniting a network of women leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs to initiate startups, drive economic expansion and advance communities. In order to achieve this ambitious goal, WED builds and catalyzes the vital networks of like-minded individuals and organizations that women business leaders need to realize their full potential and change the world.

Each event is produced by a WED Ambassador. Ambassadors work globally and locally to spread the WED grassroots mission to empower women and girls to become active participants in the economy.

Join the movement.

Change the world.

Date: Thursday, November 19th
Time: 8:00 am EST



Our lineup of speakers includes nationally known, multi-millionaire women entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 Executives, and Best-Selling Authors. All of them have had to overcome major hurdles and setbacks on their way to becoming peerless.

List of speakers here

*This is an Ohio event but is now virtual! This means it is open to all women!

  • Women’s Entrepreneurship Day

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