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Founded in 2015, Noms Bake Shop is a family owned and operated gourmet gifting company headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. With a simple, genuine mission of helping create and build meaningful relationships by delivering joy directly to the home or office, Noms seeks to bring more to the table than a typical cellophane-wrapped basket of crackers. From the undeniably delicious gourmet cookies to the customized gift box made just for the recipient, our gifts are meant to make you feel special.
Noms cookies aren’t ordinary desserts or gifts. They’re premium, novel and high-quality. Unlike a half-melted chocolate strawberry bouquet or an already
stale brownie assortment, Noms gifts are made with a commitment to excellence and consistency and presented in unique, quality packaging that looks and feels first-class and tells the recipient they matter.
The hustle of the day-to-day makes sending personal gifts challenging, and Noms understands that a last minute gift is often the least ideal, but sometimes the only option. However, our unwavering dedication to delivering premium products has led us to consistently providing outstanding and unforgettable corporate and personal gifts to our clients that are simple to give but make an impact. Your recipient wont even know you waited 'til the last minute!
Noms knows businesses thrive on relationships, and we understand the true value in gift-giving when it comes to creating lasting connections with clients. Whether it’s client prospecting, client appreciation, or the holidays, Noms Bake Shop specializes in exceptional, personalized gifts that help you stay top-of-mind with your clients year round, even after every cookie has been devoured. With completely customizable boxes at various sizes, price points, and gifting tiers, as well as the unforgettable gourmet delights, Noms Bake Shop puts an extra meaningful touch on any gift for any occasion.
Noms Bake Shop differentiates itself from other gifting and premium baked goods companies who are traditionally thought of as the industry go-tos when it comes to corporate and personal gifting by cutting through the clutter and delivering a premium twist on traditional baked goods in a highly personalized way that’s easy to order. From the baking to the laser etching, our gifts are crafted in-house to ensure the highest quality products are delivered to our recipients. From the unwavering quality of our gourmet products to the forward-thinking online ordering and customization process, Noms is an innovative and much needed twist on a traditional and beloved staple— we’re the best of both worlds.
How can you support me and my business?
Reach out to a Noms Cookie Concierge to tell us how we can help create the perfect gift for a friend, event, special occasion, or corporate need!
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