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Family may be the last word in our name, but it is the reason for our existence. At our core, we are a company built on family.

You could say that our story began 20 years ago with the birth of our oldest, Jay. Although we have now expanded to a family of 6, she is the catalyst.

Henry, one of Jay’s younger brothers, also has autism. If you don’t know, autism is strongly correlated with sensory processing disorders (SPD). As a family, over the years, we have learned the importance of taking sensory breaks.

A sensory break is just a word for taking a break and allowing a person with SPD to gain the sensory input they need in their bodies. Much like any diagnosis, SPD can come in many forms, and each person with SPD has unique needs.

Jay recently graduated from high school and was looking for meaningful work. However, she lives with autism, anxiety, and depression, which can make working outside the house challenging on the best of days.

Jay didn’t let this stop her.

Passionate about art and looking to earn money, she started to look for things to create.

Jay’s artistic sense, combined with a mother with a knack for crafts and a father with a love for woodworking, and Sensory Box Family was born.

Our first product was sensory play dough, but we have expanded into a wide range of high-quality toys and gifts the whole family can enjoy.

As a family, we design what we need and what we love. We are excited to share our creations from our family to yours!

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