With Love From Kimberly
The Lowdown

Hello there  & Welcome to my little corner of the internet! I am the owner and creator of With Love From Kimberly. I married Stephen, my best friend in 2014. We have a beautiful son, Liam and a 10 year old lab named Marley, who we’ve had since he was a puppy. We are so lucky to say Liam & Marley are the best of friends! Along with blogging, I also teach Chinese students English online. I wake up every morning before the sun rises, usually 3:45am, and teach my adorable students for a couple hours before Liam wakes up. I absolutely LOVE my job and wouldn’t trade it for the world!

I’ve always been obsessed with fashion and beauty products. In college, my roommates and I drank ((cheap)) wine and put outfits together after a day of shopping. Now my days are filled with diapers, early mornings and lots of toddler cuddles, which I wouldn’t trade for the world. Being a mommy is the best! It has it’s hard moments but I truly believe that you can have it all!

I grew up in the midwest where pizza, burgers and good ‘ole home cooking was what EVERYONE always ate. It wasn’t until college, I became really interested in a healthy lifestyle. The more I learned and researched, the more I realized how many misconceptions there are about food. I often tell people, the diet industry, is a BILLION dollar industry. If their gimmicks actually worked, they wouldn’t continue to make that kind of money ((counterproductive)). When I changed my eating habits, I couldn’t believe how amazing I felt! My friends started asking me how I lost weight so fast and kept it off!!!! They wanted to know How I was doing it!! Since then, I have made my friends meal plans, recipes and guidelines to follow…..

My goal for With Love From Kimberly, is for my readers to have a place to come and feel inspired. Whether it’s where to find the best sales or quick, easy recipes or even just to laugh. I want my blog to be a place where people can come and become the BEST version of themselves.

Follow me on my journey of shoes, handbags and a serious coffee obsession. Thanks so much for reading! xo

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