Hope’s Artisan Bread
The Lowdown


Hope's Artisan Bread handcrafts organic sourdough and artisan sweets right here, locally in Goodyear, AZ. Using three simple ingredients: flour, water and salt. Our loaves take three days from start to finish to make by a naturally leavening process using a sourdough starter. No commercial yeast, preservatives or additives. Creating a connection through food and health by using fermentation practices of wheat, founded to be gut-friendly and nutrient dense. Sourdough doesn't have to be sour, and through expert fermentation, Hope's Artisan Bread has a very lactic loaf resulting less sour than traditional sourdough breads. We focus on sourcing the highest seasonal quality local and regional flour and ingredients to help advocate supporting our local food economy and bring awareness to knowing where your food comes from. Most importantly, seasonal flavors are just so much more delicious.

How did Hope get started in bread-making? Struggling with digestion issues, It was only time before exploring different fermenting options for microbiome gut health led Hope to sourdough. "We are a family that loves bread and store bought bread made me feel sluggish and tired." Always learning and building her knowledge of the craft, Hope started her first Farmer's Market in Oct 2018. Sharing her passion and joy of real food and the profound positive effect of digesting hand-made sourdough bread. Hope would bake 3 loaves every cycle for a period of 12 hours each day before the market. Always learning new facets of sourdough baking, this kept Hope excited to keep learning more about the benefits of fermentation and started fermenting more sweet doughs like, cinnamon rolls and cookies.

Hope has many memories of spending hours in the kitchen, helping her Grandmother and Mother bake all sorts of baked goods. Sneaking a look in her grandmothers recipe books was the norm. Hope worked in two Australian Bakeries before moving to Arizona, USA.

Hope is passionate about food and knowing who your local farmer is. We invite you to come experience what real food is and start a conversation with us building on the connection to know where your food comes from and while supporting local.

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