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Growing up in rural Georgia, I learned early the great art of garden-to-table cooking. My parents were modern-day pioneers of their land, my Father an avid hunter and gardener and my Mother catering to our church, weddings, and special events. Mom also happens to be a gifted baker, seamstress, potter and current queen of Candy Crush.

Having had such a close relationship with the earth, and parents who so valued Mother Nature’s varied bounty, it comes as little surprise that I’ve followed - from soil to seed , from kitchen to nutrition - in their footsteps. Now an entrepreneur and passionate advocate for nutrient-dense foods, I have been a nutritional coach for fifteen years, and have been fascinated with gut health for over a decade.

The world, meanwhile, seems to have caught on. It is only recently that the health and nutritional communities have begun to understand the vital role of the gut in our overall well-being. This mircobiome, as it’s come to be called, has become the subject of much study and scrutiny of late, as have the ways we can properly feed and promote its health. I’ve come to be convinced that fermented foods can play an important part in maintaining the vitality of the microbiome within us all, and by extension improve our health and quality of life.

Becoming a Mom, the value and advantages of natural remedies have become an ever more important part of my lifestyle. In striving toward and advocating better food choices, I always find the same principle at the root of it all - keep it simple; keep it whole. It’s my belief we eat deliberately, with purpose, starting with ingredients in their whole and natural states.  Ensuring we support local farmers and ranchers with the highest husbandry standards.  We support and promote the Weston A. Price Foundation and their dietary guidelines.

Along this journey, I've come to be particularly drawn to the potential of fermented foods. I'm intrigued by the traditions and techniques surrounding these cultured cousins of cuisine, and excited about their relatively recent recognition as superfoods in our society. As I source and work with these foods - sorting, shredding, slicing and dicing with my hands and heart - I reflect on how grateful I am for this opportunity to serve my community. It truly makes my soul smile to see such bright faces, to hear how our products have changed lives.

Thank you for your support, and please do join us on our mission to bring some healing bacteria to the masses. ~ Suzette

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