Menlo Park
The Lowdown

We are building a girl empowerment micro- peer-mentorship platform where girls and young women can advise, support, and empower each other, and form communities in a safe bully-free AI and moderation protected environment. We wanted to create a place where girls can be authentic without worrying about their image. On Telle, users can be anonymous (obligatory if they’re under 13) or post with their username/real name and get known for their positive impact if they want to.

The app is tailored by age so while older girls can help younger girls, the younger girls will not see discussions that are not age-appropriate for them. Older girls and women will only see topics and discussions that are of interest to them.

I (the co-founder, and CEO) am also an M.D., a child and adolescent psychiatrist, and a former Stanford brain researcher. Growing up as a girl/woman in medicine, science and now tech I have, of course, faced many challenges. Through it all, my community of women-friends has been such an essential source of support. I wanted to amplify this effect and provide a supportive community to girls at a critical time in their development: when they are forming a sense of identity and confidence in their abilities. Research has shown that having a supportive community of girls is critical to girls well-being and success and our goal with Telle is to provide that to all girls.

How can you support me and my business?
Please share Telle with girls and young women you know. I am also interested to interview for publications of all types, and speak at conferences and events. I am an expert in mental health, female socialization and the science behind female aggression, and what we can do to improve relationships with the women in our lives.

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