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The Lowdown

When is the last time you 'worked it out' like you used to on the stage, on the sidelines or at a half-time? No matter when you put your poms and jazz shoes down for the last time, you remember the feeling of those practices and performances.

But now, you're adulting, taking care of business and those around you and it seems your fitness choices just fall short.

Yo've tried dance workouts, but none of them reconnected you to that joy, that energy and sisterhood of your squad. I get it. You feel like the 'old you.' the 'cheer you' or the 'dance you' is gone.

I'm Neeley, a former NFL cheerleader, collegiate cheerleader, camp instructor, competition judge and choreographer turned wife, mom of 4, and career woman. As rewarding as these new facets of my life are, it's not the same as being the one holding the poms, performing, with my squad by my side at practice on a regular basis.

I created Go Fit Win, so we can reconnect with ourselves, our sisters, and the joy we feel when we dance, cheer and live full out!

Want to get involved? Here's the drill:

  1. JOIN OUR SQUAD! Reunite with the sisters, activities and life you love.
  2. CHOREOGRAPHY, CLASSES and CAMP! Workout at home with our online choreography, and perform with the squad at practice (virtual and pop up classes!). Put it all together at our Adult Cheer Camp in 2021.
  3. LIVE FULL OUT! Joyfully reconnect with the part of you that's been missing!
How can you support me and my business?
Join the squad at GoFitWin.com - and practice new routines with us online each week!
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