Lady ChangeMakers
The Lowdown

What is a Lady ChangeMaker?

A Lady ChangeMaker -defined by me myself - is a Badass Lady Boss who is making an impact on the world (no matter how big or how small)

What is Lady ChangeMakers all about?

Lady ChangeMakers is an online platform that helps ladies easily find and support other lady-owned businesses. This is the largest directory of women-owned businesses. All women who own a business, are a freelancer, influencer, crafter, maker... whatever you do, you are welcome to join!

This platform was created to bring a spotlight onto all types of women-owned businesses so that women can be seen and heard. This platform allows women to easily connect, collaborate, and support other lady bosses.

Who can add a listing?

Pretty much all Lady Bosses can add a listing. Did you know the majority of women start businesses with a husband or partner and also we love to start companies from bootstrapping (aka no moola)? We are scrappy forces to be reckoned with! But, because a lot of us start businesses with other people we may not be technically seen as a woman-owned business. I'm not down with that. If you play a predominant role in your business then girl you are IN!

Also if there are some awesome dudes out there who have a mission to support women in some way you are also welcome - just select Women-Focused when submitting a listing!

How do I submit?

Submitting a listing is simple! I recommend using a computer over mobile since you'll be uploading files (pictures, freebies, menus, etc) but adding your listing takes 5 mins! You can always make adjustments to your listings as well which is great for when you have specials and promos running! Head here to submit your listing!


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