As You Wish Publishing
The Lowdown

At As You Wish, we offer the highest quality book publishing experience. Whether you are signing up to be in a multi-author, low-cost book or your own published book, the high standard of quality is consistent.

We started with collaborative books.

​Being in a multi-author book or collaborative book is fun and easy. You write a short article or chapter and you get to begin your authorship journey in a safe way. You get the opportunity to learn about the business, launch parties, marketing and so much more. I have often heard my authors express they found signing up to do a solo book with us is so easy because they already knew that we could deliver a fantastic product, consistently.

Many of my collaborative authors show up over and over in our other books because they love being a part of the excitement and fun of being published again and again.

They also know we will never reject their ideas, which helps them to feel safe and accepted. It’s not an easy thing to come by in the publishing industry and that is something that has always set us apart in the publishing world.

​We continued with solo books.

​Your solo book is where you get to shine! We have everything you need to be a successful author on your own terms.

We do all the hard work for you: Editing, Cover Design, Layout, Launch Strategy To Best Seller and bring you together with like-minded authors in our exclusive solo author group.

You receive royalties delivered directly into your account and you can order your wholesale books 24 hours a day and dropship them anywhere you like. Most people make $5-10 per book sale with our system. This profit margin is virtually unheard of in traditional publishing, where your voice is almost always compromised and your royalties may be less than $1 a book sale. We simply don't feel that is right, you are the author you deserve all of the profits. We designed solo authorship to be easy, fun and affordable with you getting all you deserve from the hard work, care and love you put into your authorship dream.

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