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Movement is medicine. That’s something I strongly believe and incorporate into the Movement + Mindset Memberships that I run. I am a trauma-informed Doctor of Physical Therapy who is passionate about the intersection of Physical-mental-emotional health and living your life to the fullest. So I took those passions, along with my education and experience in all of those realms of health, to develop a monthly membership where you get 1-on-1 sessions that incorporate not just optimizing physical health and fitness, but also dial in any other gaps you may have in overall wellness. You also get Voxer access to me so you don’t have to try to weed through the mess and misinformation on Google for medical questions!

If you’re the ex-athlete who got busy with your career and now want to get back into activity, but are worried about risks or injury, this is for you.

If you’re the person trying to hustle in life and in the gym and keep getting nagging pains, this is for you.

If you’re currently pregnant or have little ones and you want to be active but be safe about it, this is for you (hint: most info on Google in this realm is misinformed)

If you’re the person with an old injury that you don’t want to flair up but you want to get stronger and tackle a goal (like hiking the Grand Canyon with “bad knees” like I’ve done x3), this is for you!

Think of this as like holistic preventative wellness with someone who is a healthcare provider meets life coach. This monthly membership will keep you moving without worrying about setbacks!!

And of course, I still offer traditional physical therapy…it’ll just be more fitness forward and holistic than any clinic you’ve ever been to!

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1 extra session for the first month of membership ($139 value) and 10% off PT appointments
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