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Lingerie you purposely choose any day of the week

Founded in 2019 by Shauna Allan, Modern Match Lingerie exists to shake up the status quo. We design quality-made bras and underwear to support women as you tackle whatever life throws your way. Shauna took what is a necessity for most women and created an emotional experience, a tool to support women in stepping into their superpower. Using the softest fabrics, our bras and underwear are designed for comfort, support and most of all, to make you feel empowered. For Shauna, lingerie has been a powerful confidence booster under her clothing that no one gets to know about but her.  Just as you are more than just a woman, Modern Match is more than just a lingerie brand, it's an experience.

Our lacy lingerie is so comfortable we’ve even heard that our customers workout in them, and they loved it.

When we choose items that enhance our curves, look great on our skin tone, and make us feel alive, we become unstoppable. So whether you are career-focused, family-focused, or both, just know that you being a woman is what brought you to where you are. Allow the items that sit closest to your skin to support your journey and empower you along the way. Modern Match Lingerie ships globally from the comfort of your own home. We're here to support you like our bras support your boobs. Visit our virtual fitting room and book a virtual fitting with our stylists to find your perfect match. 

Our bras and underwear mould to a woman's natural shape. We successfully created lingerie that makes you feel alive when you slip it on, but pieces you don't have to think about all day long. Each piece in our lingerie collection was fitted on real bodies. This allowed us to ensure each size was supportive from an XS to a 3XL.

We're women and we understand boobs.

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